Tribute Tuesday ~ to those who serve…

& since we’re in Las Vegas, taking a look at the Rio, we’re not talking about the military. We’re talking about the boys in black—the bartenders at McFadden’s and the ushers and waiters at the Chippendales show.
First off, to the cuties who work at McFadden’s—especially the New York boys, Eric and Neil—Yooohooo! Thanks for putting up with us ladies and chatting the time away with us before we went to our shows. You two were lots of fun to talk to. Maybe next time we can get you to take your shirts off… 😉  McFadden’s is a great Irish Pub within Rio. They have a sign that warns patrons about dancing on the bar. Here’s Kelly, the blogger extraordinaire, with the sign.

The second night we were there they were having the final round in the Girl-on-Girl Kissing Contest. As the first pair were making out, one of the other couples fell off the bar onto the flock of guys below. Guess they didn’t head the warning on the sign. (If I remember correctly, no one seemed to be hurt.)
Quite an interesting place and event in which to watch human behavior, but as a writer isn’t that what we do? Find out of the ordinary things, observe and document? Even if you’re not a writer, it’s a good place to grab some beer and grub. Plus, you can see Rio’s Show in the Sky right outside the pub in Rio’s Masquerade Village. It’s a free show, open to the public, performed hourly from 6 pm until 11pm every Thursday through Sunday. The male and female dancers are hot!
Then of course there’s the staff up at the Chippendale’s show who add their own special touches to the Chip experience, especially the tall guy in the leather pants…mmmm… but more on Chippendales is to come this week so I’m not going to spoil dinner now. 😉

A Monday afternoon & fantasies coming true…kind of…

Life is wonderful and today was beautiful—in the 80’s, a nice change from the 100 degree plus temps we had been experiencing.
I went down to my development’s pool and enjoyed the water (enjoyed it after I got over the initial shock of how brisk it was), the blue skies, palm trees, smell of sun tan lotion. There was a real nice older couple who came in. They were great to talk to and were having such a fun time that soon the three of us were laughing. After some laps, I took some time to work on outlining a hot scene for a story I’m working on while jammin’ to Duran Duran and The Killers. And, as I was writing—longhand btw since I didn’t take my laptop—one of my fantasies started playing out.
Kind of.
Pool side, sunning, writing and along comes the pool boy.
This is where the ‘kind of’ part comes in.
For one, I’m not the hot cougar I imagine myself to be. Give me some time & I plan to get there.
Two, it wasn’t my private pool at my own house.
Three, the guy was in covered in clothes and a hat and had sunglasses on so I couldn’t get a good look at him.
Four, there was no playful flirting, no sidelong glances, no hint of possibility that leads to heat. In fact, we didn’t say one word to each other.

Oh well.
But I’m a writer, I can spin it back to my fantasy. 😉
And another perk of the day…it didn’t take me a frickin’ hour to get the knots out of my long hair once I got home!
& in honor of the story I was working on since I’m locating it in Grand Cayman, I’ve changed my facebook profile pic. It’s of the beach and water there.

Monday Message ~ Welcome to Las Vegas!

Las Vegas! My home town. Such a diversified and interesting place to live. This past weekend R.M. Sotera and I were able to hang out with Kelly, blogger extraordinaire, and another local gal, Laurie (who btw just got her first publishing contract ~ Congrats Laurie!). While Kelly was in town staying at the Rio, R.M. and I went there Friday evening and Saturday night to hang out with her. So, as a special treat…
Welcome to:
Rio in Las Vegas Week!
Coming to Las Vegas for a visit? Want a fun place to hang out at? Then check out:
The Rio Hotel and Casino as a place to stay in.
& Check back here each day of the week for insider tidbits on key locations within the property & to find special links to pictures and an interview with one of the Chippendales!

So what’s Monday’s message? The talk this week might be of a casino and its activities, but Las Vegas isn’t just about the strip, downtown, gambling, food and shows—all of which can be great depending upon what you’re in to ;). It just seems that sometimes there’s a misconception floating around about Las Vegas. People have said, “You live there? That’s so cool!” or they’re so focused on the tourist part they forget to see the bigger picture and they dislike the place. Granted, some of my friends who live here don’t like the big, brown, hot dust bowl due to it being a big, brown, hot dust bowl and they want to escape, or have already, and that’s understandable. There are times I, too, miss the green of the northeast and the rain and can do without the heavy traffic, but I still prefer the sun over seemingly endless cloudy skies. But I digress. What I wanted to say is Las Vegas has communities just like anywhere else. There are schools, churches, businesses, etc. that are here as they are in any other town you visit. There are groups/leagues/organizations you can belong to. When first moving here, we became involved in the running/triathlon community, still are to a degree, and belonging to a group makes living here a lot less ‘touristy.’ As for another argument I’ve heard, yes, Las Vegas might not have the culture of the older cities like New York, Philadelphia or Washington DC, but it does have its own brand. Las Vegas can be a pretty ordinary place. Well, as ordinary as it can be with an approximate 4 mile stretch of colorful eye candy.
Have a great day!