A special WOW…

Here it is. The link to a look inside the life of a Chippendales dancer. The article is courtesy of Kelly, the blogger extraordinaire of whom I’ve been speaking this week. She was able to obtain an interview with one of the men & gives her insight into the show. http://www.demonloversbooksandmore.com/2010/08/chippendales-beyond-skin-deep.html
Tomorrow, for Thursday Thoughts—as long as I have my act together, I’ll give my take on the show and the audience…which can be a show in itself. 😉
Happy reading!

A Monday afternoon & fantasies coming true…kind of…

Life is wonderful and today was beautiful—in the 80’s, a nice change from the 100 degree plus temps we had been experiencing.
I went down to my development’s pool and enjoyed the water (enjoyed it after I got over the initial shock of how brisk it was), the blue skies, palm trees, smell of sun tan lotion. There was a real nice older couple who came in. They were great to talk to and were having such a fun time that soon the three of us were laughing. After some laps, I took some time to work on outlining a hot scene for a story I’m working on while jammin’ to Duran Duran and The Killers. And, as I was writing—longhand btw since I didn’t take my laptop—one of my fantasies started playing out.
Kind of.
Pool side, sunning, writing and along comes the pool boy.
This is where the ‘kind of’ part comes in.
For one, I’m not the hot cougar I imagine myself to be. Give me some time & I plan to get there.
Two, it wasn’t my private pool at my own house.
Three, the guy was in covered in clothes and a hat and had sunglasses on so I couldn’t get a good look at him.
Four, there was no playful flirting, no sidelong glances, no hint of possibility that leads to heat. In fact, we didn’t say one word to each other.

Oh well.
But I’m a writer, I can spin it back to my fantasy. 😉
And another perk of the day…it didn’t take me a frickin’ hour to get the knots out of my long hair once I got home!
& in honor of the story I was working on since I’m locating it in Grand Cayman, I’ve changed my facebook profile pic. It’s of the beach and water there.

Friendly Friday

I know I’ve been MIA the past few weeks. Like I mentioned in another post, I was dealing with behind the scene duties for a competition and now it’s catch up time with my neglected promo and writing.
For now though, check out my recent interview: http://mariposacruz.blogspot.com/2010/08/interview-with-cr-moss.html
And in the coming days, check out Rio Week here on the blog where I’ll talk about a place in Las Vegas right off the strip.
Have a great weekend!