A friendly tip for Friday~ 07/02

Taking a Breather
The Scoop on Meditation ~ A Simple Practice with Profound Benefits
People who meditate regularly appear internally and externally five to 10 years younger than their non-meditating peers, according to author Deepak Chopra. That’s good news for the estimated 10 million people who practice meditation on an ongoing basis and experience the resulting calm it cultivates.
The rich benefits come from doing something that looks like nothing: Sitting still, being quiet, and breathing deeply. Meditation works simply but profoundly by defusing the onslaughts of life — a racing mind, busyness, deadlines, commutes, all of which have physiological effects on well-being.
Meditation calms the nervous system, decreases metabolic rate, heart rate, and blood pressure, and lowers levels of cholesterol, stress hormones, and free radicals. It also has a direct effect on breathing, slowing and deepening respiration so more oxygen circulates throughout the body. Not only that, meditation is said to lessen feelings of anxiety and depression and improve memory and concentration. And all of this culminates in slowing the aging process, as Chopra notes.
There are many meditation techniques, including focusing on a mantra, a sacred word or phrase, or your breath. But the basic intent of all meditation is focus and attention. And it doesn’t take hours a day in an ashram to meditate effectively. Benefits kick in with even a short period of devoted time.
How to begin? Wear comfortable, unrestrictive clothes, sit on a cushion or chair with your back straight (think once again, comfort), rest your hands on your legs, let your eyes go soft and out of focus or close them, breathe slowly and deeply, and — the hardest part — attempt to empty your mind of thoughts and quiet the internal dialogue.
When thoughts flit through your mind, let them pass without judging them and come back to your focus (your mantra, counting, etc.) and breathing. Start with this sitting meditation technique for five minutes a day, and add on time as you get more at ease with the process. For more information on techniques and benefits, check out http://www.abc-of-meditation.com.

This article is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to diagnose and/or treat any conditions. Please check with your physician to make sure it’s all right to use new products and/or change your regimen.
Newsletter article courtesy of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

Friendly Friday ~ 06/25/10

Recently I had a review come in for my story Beautiful People. It’s one of the lowest scores I’ve ever received on a story, but I understand where the reviewer was coming from. Thing is, though, if the material/subject matter of the story was going to be a problem, why did she review it? I’m thinking that maybe there was an assumption that the story was romantic in nature and that’s the mindset the reviewer went in with. I don’t know. Beautiful People was a slide back to my horror roots. It was a walk on the dark side of life.  I have other books that are feel good, HFN/HEA stories, but Beautiful People is not one of them.
This review is a good thing, though, and contemplation of the matter prompted me to put this friendly message out there reminding the public/reviewers/readers to:
1. Read the information about the book & make sure it fits the genre(s) you like to read.
2. Read up on the author to make sure they write what you like to read. I’m an eclectic writer so I’ll have a mix from no-sex/romance books to gory/erotica/horror books.

3. If you like HFN’s/HEA’s/Feel Good books try to find out if the book has one/fits the FG parameter so you’re not disappointed. Usually if a book is listed as a Romance, then you can expect a HFN/HEA. If it’s not listed as a Romance, don’t expect it to have a lovey dovey couple and a gushy ending. [Case in point, no where did it say that Beautiful People is a romance or has romantic elements. It’s a Contemporary Horror Mystery, Erotic and Beyond, Menage (m/f/m).  Not erotic romance nor a happy-happy-joy-joy story. It’s a cautionary tale about how people treat one another and a dark look at what can happen.]
4. If the publisher has ratings on their site, they are there for a reason! It’s to let the buyer/reader know of the kind of material in the book. & If the rating doesn’t suit one’s personality then it’d be best if the book is passed on. [Beautiful People is rated 5 Flames. As per the flame ratings on the eXtasy books site, “5 flames = Devil’s Breath: Caveat Emptor. May include graphic violence, offensive language, and/or exotic sexual practices.”]
5. Lastly, if you are going to read the story and put out information about it in a review or comments or the like, please make sure what you say matches the story. [All characters in the story Beautiful People are out of high school, having graduated, and are of legal age. Yes, teens do have sex. Shocker, I know. If you like movies such as Friday the 13th, Halloween, Scream, etc. then you’ll probably like this story.]
That said, if you’re interested in checking out the review, visit:
https://crmoss.wordpress.com/reviews/beautiful-people/ review was removed due to incorrect listing of genre. it had been listed as a romantic suspense which was why it had been reviewed as a romance when it’s contemporary horror and has no romantic elements whatsoever.
If you’re interested in the book, visit: http://www.crmoss.net/beautifulpeople/
I will say that the one nice thing in the review was that the reviewer did state reviews are subjective and what one may hate another may love. Kudos for that.