LVH-PI/Underground series

Please note: The stories in this series are SPICY, meaning they are for a MATURE AUDIENCE. The stories contain Adult Situations and Language and are not suitable for those under 18 or who dislike mature subject matter. In other words with my SPICY stories, the bedroom door is wide open and the scenes are explicit and hot. If you’re not 18 and over and/or are disturbed by erotic content, please do not visit those book pages.

The LVH-PI series follows the characters who work at Las Vegas Hunters Paranormal Investigating Services & Las Vegas Hunters Private Investigating Services. They also run the Las Vegas Hunters Underground which is a safe refuge, an underground for other beings–fairies, elves, dwarfs, giants and so on–who are adrift or need a place to escape to. They help assimilate the beings into a new life should they wish to take on roles of a more human nature. They also help humans who are discovering their inner fey/supernatural creature.
Books don’t necessarily have to be read in order, but it’s a good idea if they are.

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